Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I stole this article from Collette Cassinelli's blog. I really like the comparison between teachers and the importance that the article places on teachers.

We explore, we discover and we share.
By Colette Cassinelli

Teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan took questions and spoke to hundreds of youngsters packed into the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise:

“Astronauts and teachers actually do the same thing,” she answered. “We explore, we discover and we share. And the great thing about being a teacher is you get to do that with students, and the great thing about being an astronaut is you get to do it in space, and those are absolutely wonderful jobs.”

We explore, we discover and we share - yes - it IS the greatest job there is.

Image: Clockwise from left are STS-118 mission specialists Dave Williams, Barbara Morgan and Alvin Drew and Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clay Anderson. The astronauts participated in an educational event with students asking questions from the Discovery Center in Boise, Idaho. Image: NASA

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Colette Cassinelli said...

Sharing is what blogging is all about! Best of luck with your studies - I just completed my Master's of Educational Technology. I love learning!!!