Wednesday, August 8, 2007

classes in Australia

Classes here are going okay... I have two teachers that I absolutely love and they are going to be amazing classes. And the other two well the teachers are pretty boring and so is the class content. That's not to bad half and half. I still haven't done a bunch of exploring or touristy activities. Maybe this weekend. I did make it to town hall and hyde park.

Other than that my room mates are great, we joined a gym close to our place and have been attempting to get healthier. I over did is on Monday and had problems walking for 2 days. I'm much better now and went swimming this morning.

I'm spending way to much money on food, and small things that I need for school and my room but I guess that comes with being away from home.

I'm really really missing my car. I hate taking an hour to go somewhere when it would only take 10 min in a car... or hauling groceries and killing my arms on the train.
I miss everyone else at home as well but I have been talking to everyone pretty constantly, except my baby (dog) I miss him lots.

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