Monday, August 6, 2007

future of education

I was reading through my feeds and came across Chris Lehmann's blog. In his blog he links to this video and I just had to include the link in my blog. The video talks about the value of creativity in the educational system.

Ted talks about the value of creativity in education. I believe everything that Ted talks about in this video. He describes the education system as forming children into professors. Schools value the learning of math, science, and language. Ted also says that all the school systems throughout the world value the same things. None of them focus on the arts. Is this because the arts have fewer job opportunities? Is it because teachers teach what they know?

The main point that stood out the most was:
Children lose creativity by being wrong or being scared of being wrong.

So as teachers how do we change this?
What can be done?


Shareski said...

I've seen this video and watched it often. (Sir Ken Robinson...TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design) and shown it to many. I need to watch periodically to remind me of the critical ideas we need to foster as teachers. I'd encourage you to show it to as many as you can.

Janine said...

Thanks... I didn't know what TED stood for. I checked out quite a few different things on his site and they are really quite interesting.