Saturday, August 11, 2007

busy busy busy

Well I've been really busy this weekend... not really but it feels like it. I've been trying to get ahead on some of my classes. Trying to convince my mom and sister to come to Australia and New Zealand and looking into flights for them. I've discovered different features on Skype. I've also discovered in regards to Skype that Canada is behind the times for allowing Skype to have telephone numbers. There is a part of Skype where you can get a telephone in a different country than where you are and then people can phone that number and not pay the long distance and get you on your computer. It is an amazing feature but like I said it doesn't help me because everyone I talk to is in Canada and that is where there free calling is. Oh well... maybe in the near future. I hope. I am planning on trying to get out of the city and see my relatives for the first weekend in September... the G8 is in the city and it is going to be crazy, not to mention I have pretty much a whole week off right then. So I'm looking forward to that. I'm also trying to plan what I want to do for spring break... I have 2 weeks off and want to travel and see some of the things that I didn't see last time when i was here. So I've been glued to the computer for the last day and a half, looking for info, completing wikis, reading rss feeds, doing homework, reading for classes.... I'm glad I have my laptop and internet access.

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