Monday, January 14, 2008

future classroom really long - repost

Well to start off I am kind of going to go off topic. I know that we are suppose to explain our future classroom but I found this music video on Youtube and it really does explain what I want the school that I work at to be like.

The students and teachers are excited to come to school... the school is like a community made up of numerous ethnic backgrounds and languages.

I want a school where sharing and technology is the norm. Teachers don't mind sharing their ideas... they aren't secret. Technology is more than just 30 min on a laptop every 2 weeks. It is integrated into the classroom on a daily basis.

I was searching through Alec Couros's blue dots and came across this site. It is a site that has over 400 web resources available. It really helps to illustrate that through social spaces on the Internet we can help each other and we can learn more about anything.

I want to create creative children. I don't want to discourage creativity. This video I really can't post it enough, I really absolutely believe in it.

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(someone really needs to fix the embed feature because it is not correct... took me forever to figure it out)
This video also shows why creativity is so important and why I really believe that it is important in the classroom. It also explains why I keep going to school for a while and then leaving and living life and then going back. I have to balance life with what people expect of life.

I want to be part of something like the flat classroom project from the get go. To be one of those teachers that other teachers look to for great ideas and resources.

I want my classroom to be one where the children are excited to come to class and I'm the teacher that they all look forward to getting.

There are so many great ideas and concepts at our fingertips, why not embrace them.

Anyways that is mainly what I would like my future classroom and school to look like.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

time flies

Well I just got back on to high speed and I am in Regina taking more classes. Things are going well. New Zealand was amazing.