Thursday, March 26, 2009

learning centers

My last two days of teaching I did learning centers. These went amazingly well with the exception of one boy, which was expected. I explained each of the centers and had them retell me what was going to happen at each center. Then I explained that when they go back to their table I want them to stand behind their chair and wait for me to say go. When the buzzer goes, after ten minutes, students need to put any sheets on the table and then hold their pencil in the air and wait for my instructions. Then students would rotate to the next table and I would say "go" and they would begin their next station. We rotated through three activity centers each day. Two of the six stations were performance based assessment stations. We assessed the math objectives for my geometry unit. This was such a great way to assess every student and keep all students engaged. The one boy that I had a few problems with has asbergers and was not in the class during instructions and came back half way through. So he was not aware of what was going on, he was okay the first day because he didn't have time to join in the centers. The next day I had to go to each of the centers with him after getting my group started. I had a lot of issues arise with him. The first of which was that he came to my group first and was mad, he took his pencil and broke it in half. Then he was all concerned with having a pencil that wasn't broken. The next station went well but the one after the pencil broke again. He started crying and I had to remove him and he had to sit on the carpet. When he calmed down I took him back to the table and he was good for the rest of the time. It was challenging but it was realistic. It was a good experience.
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