Monday, March 16, 2009

flying by

Wow I can't believe we are in our last week. I am absolutely dreading going back to classes and assignments. After being in the field it makes so much of what we do seem inconsequential. I have learned so much working with my coop and my partner. I have become very comfortable in this classroom and with the routines of the day. Goes to show with an open mind and willingness to try you are open to possibilities.

I have really grown to love the students in my room and each them has their own distinct personality. I of course have some favorites but I do not let it show. One of the little boys came up to me last week and told me that he wished Karmen and I were his step mothers and that he loved me. It was so cute.

My coop has been great, she asked us what grade we were going to be in next year and she has made arrangements for us to go and visit those grades and get a feel for what those grade levels are like. This is such an amazing opportunity. At least I will not be going into internship and be blindsided.

We had the opportunity to go outside when it was warm out and go sliding and build snowmen, followed by hot chocolate and rice krispie cake.

This week is going to fly by but I am looking forward to doing some of my lessons that I have planned this week and trying out activity centers.

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