Thursday, January 22, 2009


Science articles/poems:

I have learned that as humans we are constantly changing out ideas and thoughts, rediscovering information, asking questions, interacting with the environment, and trying to be successful in our chosen path in life... these all have aspects of science linked with in. So as a science teacher I want my students to understand that we are all linked to the earth and one persons actions ay not immediately affect us but when a number of people do the same things it can have irreversable effects. I want my studnets to know that "We Are the Earth" as David Suzuki shares in his videos. I want to make a difference and I want my students to be civic minded as well. Students also need to be able to interact with their environmens and know that change can occur with one person.

These poems helped me realize that science is interwoven in everything that we do. From looking at a tree, to a piece of art, to just living. I learned that I want my classroom to be interactive, exciting, a place for exploring new/old ideas, and understanding the many whys we have in life.

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