Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down and dirty

Okay I have to get this out there.

I am going insane this semester. The classes are longer, they are front loaded, there is tons of reading, a unit plan due in a month, approx 10 projects due before preinternship and another 5 after preinternship... where do we find time? Personally the amount of information that I am recieving from a few of the classes I could skip for a few weeks and do the readings and not miss a thing. At least I would have time to work on my unit plan. The assignments are not laid out ahead of time to start working on other than our units that we are not suppose to know how to do.

I also feel that we are learning all these theories and idealistic ways to teach on paper but they are not being modelled in the class room. Everything looks good on paper but personally to learn something well I need to use it hands on and practice and see it in work. I learn by observing and then repeating with alterations and adaptations that suite my personality. Reading the text book for over 2 hours a day does not benefit me. I read to memorize until the exam and then forget it because it wasn't relevant to my immediate need for it. At least the reading for Assessment we talk about in the class and then we work on how we would use that information.

I just want to run away to somewhere warm and forget about school, exams, and readings. So, I am off to go curling.

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