Sunday, November 11, 2007

travel expo

Well classes are finally finished. Hooray!!! I'm just putting some final touches on my last essay and I have one exam. I'm glad I only have a few things left because my roommates and I are not seeing eye to eye and I have to move out the day my mom gets here or pay rent for two more weeks. So out I go. Luckily I have met some really nice people and I can store my excess luggage at their place until I leave to NewZealand. Today I took a break and went down to the travel expo and then down to Bondi Beach. It was nice to get out and go down to the water and find more information on Cairns and NewZealand. I'm getting very excited, my mom leaves to Calgary tomorrow morning and flies out. She will be here in 4 days.... doesn't seem real. Anyways here are a couple pictures of the travel expo.

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