Thursday, July 12, 2007


Technology is great!!! I have been searching online for a place to live in Sydney and with this wonderful system I have found a place, seen pictures of the place and can even make a deposit on the place (won't but could) if needed. I couldn't imagine just going and trying to look for a place... to much hassle. Did it before and spent way to much on rent for a crappy place with fleas and cockroaches.

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Mullins Mind said...

You are right technology is wonderful although you do have to be careful and do your research.
Recently my class went to San Fransisco for OCRE we found, online, a beautiful old hotel to stay in. The pictures on their website looked really nice. Well we got to San Fransisco and the hotel was old and nice but right in the middle of the worst area in the city. Made for an interesting time. We all learned from this mistake and realized in future to do research covering all the basics!

Sydney is a beautiful city. I stayed in Coogee and would recommend that area.
It is quite easy to find people to live with in Australia because there are so many backpackers, so if things fall through for you there I wouldn't worry about it too much! Have fun!