Wednesday, July 25, 2007

started my journey

This last week has flown by. Everyone kept asking if I was excited and I really wasn't but as I sit here in Calgary my stomach is doing flips and I am getting nervous. The apartment that I had tentatively lined up fell through so now I'm back to square one. Looking for a place to live!!! I'll be homeless for the first few days and stay in a hostel. My brother drove me to Calgary yesterday and we arrived at 2am.... was suppose to be earlier but there is something with my car and me travelling. Everytime I am getting ready to leave to another country I swear my car gets lonesome and puts a hole in its tire. The last three trips I've taken I've had to either replace my tires or patch my tires on the day before or day I am heading out. Oh well, at least it didn't happen during my drive to Calgary. I'm falling behind a bit in ECMP 455 I haven't had time to read feeds, do assignments, post blogs, nothin.... but hopefully I will have more time once I get to Australia and get settled in. I'm off to surf for a new place to live. Wish me luck.