Monday, October 8, 2007

long time no write

Well I had a really long unexpected visit at Conrad and Carol's this past week. I went up there last weekend just to stay the weekend and ended up staying a week and a half. They asked me to stay and do some work there instead of coming back to Sydney and working in the daycares. I enjoyed working with them much more than coming back to Sydney. It also gave me the opportunity to visit and meet more of their friends and family. We worked on getting their guest house finished and harvesting some of their garden to sell at the market in Braidwood. Luckily I didn't see any snakes and only a couple big spiders. But I did see a few Wombats and wallabys. Saw one Wallaby way closer than I wanted... Conrad hit it on our way to Canberra. While in Canberra we checked out Floriade, which is quite impressive but at the same time I think it needs to be seen from the air. It is a whole bunch of flowers in different shapes to represent different things. Here are a few pictures of my visit to Little Oakley.

Brian, Conrad, Carol, Ellie

Me at Floriade

Canberra city


Nelan's place

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